Eupepsia Performance Lab is a state-of-the-art strength, conditioning and recovery facility focused on optimizing athletic performance. It has been designed for top level athletes as well as every day fitness enthusiasts who are keen to push their limits to achieve their performance goals.

Those who seek to improve their abilities  or desire to perform consistently at high levels will benefit from tangible, science-driven benchmarks and comprehensive injury prevention programs delivered by a team of sports physiotherapists, biomechanics and Olympic athletes.


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Kurt Micallef

Senior Physiotherapist and Sports Development Specialist

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Evan Snow

Biomechanical Engineer and Athletic Performance Specialist

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Martyn Bernard

Olympic Athlete, Personal Trainer and ISD Athletics Coach

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Fatima Al Sayyed

Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor

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Merian Namara

Personal Trainer and Client Relationship Manager

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Layan Al Sayed

Clinical Dietician


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Through baseline testing and periodic measurement, athletes are able to measure their progress and performance over time.

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Eupepsia’s personal training programs evolve around the latest advances and available research in Sports Science.

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Eupepsia Performance Lab brings the best recovery technologies from elite athletes to every day athletes and fitness enthusiasts.