The Eupepsia Performance Lab is a state-of-the-art strength, conditioning and recovery center focused on optimizing athletic performance. Through baseline testing and regular progress measurement, athletes are able to track their progress and performance over time. Data is collected using cutting edge sports science technologies which allows Eupepsia’s performance specialist team to design individual strength & conditioning programs powered by state of the art recovery methodologies and equipment.

Located at ISD in the heart of Dubai Sports City, Eupepsia offers a unique destination for all athletes to develop their performance. While we are recognized as a top strength & conditioning center, we make our elite level sport science methodology available and accessible to all athletes and fitness enthusiasts, whatever their level. We understand how important accurate data collection and an empowering environment is for performance enhancement and we are here to support you.


At Eupepsia we have a team of performance experts who work together to help you achieve optimal performance and your recovery goals. Let our highly experienced sports scientist, strength conditioning coaches and Olympic athletes, who are supported by our sports physiotherapists, osteopath and clinical dietician, guide you on your fitness and performance journey.



Three time Olympian and European and Commonwealth champion Andy Turner, who founded ISD Athletics, heads the Eupepsia Performance Lab, where he delivers elite level training and guidance to aspiring athletes to reach their highest potential.

Recognized for his expertise and leadership qualities, Andy was the England Team Captain for five years. As one of the British athletes in the course of eight long years, he competed in three Olympic games in Athens, Beijing and London, winning the European and Commonwealth titles and earning a World Bronze Medal.



A certified Sports Scientist and Strength and Conditioning Coach with over 8 years of experience in France and the UAE, Joris works with everyday and professional athletes to help them achieve optimal performance across a wide variety of sports including handball, weightlifting, powerlifting, boxing, kickboxing and other martial arts.



Hayd’n Hill brings over 10 years of international experience working with world-renowned athletes, sports teams and Olympic and Sports Science centers in Asia, South Africa, Europe and the UAE helping athletes regain freedom of movement without pain or fear. His experience spans multiple areas of Sports Physiotherapy, Sports Science, sport-specific rehabilitation and recovery to ensure an optimal return to play and performance.



Russell Hill is a certified senior osteopath with over 23 years of experience with well-known clinics in London and the UAE. With a special interest in sports injuries, he works with both recreational and competitive athletes across a variety of sports from triathlon, football or rugby to padel, tennis and golf. He holds a BSc (Hons) Ost degree from The British School of Osteopathy in the UK.