Experience a highly personalized approach to physical therapy for a faster targeted recovery.

Located at ISD in Dubai Sports City, Eupepsia Sports Science Clinic works closely with the state-of-the-art Eupepsia Performance Lab using advanced technologies for measurements, performance improvement and recovery to deliver a highly personalized approach to physical therapy and rehabilitation, aligned with each person’s specific condition and goals, for a faster targeted recovery.

*Our specialized physiotherapy & sports physiotherapy sessions start at AED 495 per session. Reach out to us to know more, and book your session. All major insurances accepted on a reimbursement basis.

I use science-based movement combined with specialized manual treatments to decrease fear of movement associated with past injuries and movement dysfunctions developed due to lifestyle habits or experiences, and to allow the body to heal itself, while empowering clients to take control of their issues through education and self management techniques where necessary.

Hayd’n Hill

Lead Sports Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Specialist.

Hayd’n Hill brings over 10 years of international experience working with world-renowned athletes, sports teams and Olympic and Sports Science centers in Asia, South Africa, Europe and the UAE helping athletes regain freedom of movement without pain or fear. His experience spans multiple areas of sports and exercise physiotherapy, sports science, sport-specific rehabilitation and recovery to ensure an optimal return to play and performance.

Our team, led by Hayd’n Hill, the go-to Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation specialist for Olympians and professional athletes, will treat a variety of injuries and musculoskeletal conditions, with therapies incorporating the latest scientific advancements for treatment accuracy and efficacy.


Sports Science Expertise

Our specialists will guide you through your recovery with advanced sports science therapies

Accelerated Recovery

We calibrate your recovery plan to accelerate your return to sport, work or life

Advanced Pain Reduction

We use progressive therapies to get you moving and experiencing life pain free